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2015 Stogies & Steaks Golf Tournament Event Wrap Up

2015 Stogies & Steaks Golf Tournament Event Wrap Up

August 20, 2015

2015 Stogies & Steaks Golf Tournament Event Wrap Up

It just keeps getting better and better. It was really hot, but we had an amazing group of golfing troupers. We had more gals then ever and they were amazing! The auction went really well and the live auction was the best ever!

Thank you so much to your sponsors! We couldn't do it without our sponsors and all of our supporters! We have several people who have attended all 5 years! You are amazing! Thank you to all the Cigar and Tobacco Companies for coming out and providing so many great cigars for all of our participants this year. I really think it was the best year ever! We really appreciate all of your support and hope to see you next year for the 6th annual Stogies and Steaks. Stay tuned for details!

1st: Bob Hall Jr & Sr, Bill Purdy, Terry Gillmore (60)
2nd: Darin Hyde, Kevin Martin, Scott Crimin, Nabor Martinez (61)
3rd: Dick Graf, Dale Graf, Randy Swift, Wade Wagoner (won by scorecard playoff)
4th: Phil Winterholler, Izzy Cortez, Deven Murray, Silas Hansen (62)

1st: Bill & Carrie Vernon, Adam Miller, Joel Joneft (39.5)
2nd: Edgar Scott, Peter Schulte, Wendy Ledgerwood, Laurie Page (41)
3rd: Ho Pak, Chris Putnam, Joe Vas, Patrick Dewitt (42)
4th: Dustin Dibenedetto, Jeff Morrow, Brian Bonetto, Sean Abrams (43)

Ladies Longest Drive Hole #6: Laurie Page
Ladies KP Hole #8:
Ladies KP Hole #16: Laurie Page
Mens KP Hole #8 (35 & Under): Brandon Wagoner
Mens KP Hole #18 (Age 36 - 64): Bob Hall
Mens KP Hole #16(Age 65 & Over): Bill Purdy
Mens Longest Drive Hole #12 (Age 49 & Under) Scott Crimin
Mens Long Drive Hole #6 (Age 50 & Over) Greg Dunn
Longest Putt of Field Hole #9: Natalie Newman

Save the date for the 6th annual Stogies & Steaks tournament -- June 25th, 2016!

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