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3rd annual Stogies & Steaks is a success!

3rd annual Stogies & Steaks is a success!

July 15, 2013

We had our best year ever even though the weather felt like a tropical storm! It was the one time I was glad it was so hot, so at least we could dry out a little. We want to thank all of the amazing golfers who kept playing even though the down pour was over powering!! You guys are warriors! A huge thank you to all of our sponsors and donors of prizes and auctions items. We could not do this without you! Our Cigar and Tobacco companies really came through for us this year and that is why HCCS will forever be the school that God and Tobacco built. To our largest supporter who has chosen to remain anonymous, we are so blessed to have your support and you are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Congrats to our winners:

1st Gross-Erick Holden/Troy Wilmoth/Laney Anderson/Lyn Dasso (55)
2nd Gross-Brian Harris/Lance Dodeward/Willie Edwards/Tim Fortier (58)
3rd Gross-Charlie Eglin/Bruce Kinney/Brian Davey/Colin Malone (59)

Score Card Playoff 4th Gross- Jerry Besel/Mic Panerello/George Pechtel/Chris Sacco (61)

5th Gross-Randy Swift/Dale Graf/Dick Graf/Wade Wagner (61)

1st Net- Chris Putman/Ho Pak/Buck Clark/ Sam Roark (49.5)
2nd Net- Charlie Heinz/Kort Rowinski/Bret Boyer/Mike Maletich (51.5)
3rd Net - Darin Hyde/Nolan Schwartz/Todd Chandler/Kevin Martin (53)

Score Card Playoff 4th Net- Tony Lane/John Snyder/Kim Wangler/Dave Olsen (54)

5th Net- Curtis Vangstad/Vangstad #2/Jevonn Wiberg/Scott Barkley (54)

Ladies Closest to the Pin Hole#8-Jenna Webber
Ladies Long Drive Hole#6-Cris Scacco
No Ladies KP on Hole #16

Mens Closest to the Pin Age 35 and Under Hole#8- James Crogman
Mens Closest to the Pin Age 65 and Over Hole#16- Troy Wilmoth
Mens Closest to the PIn 36-64 Hole #18- Tom Worley
Mens Longest Drive Age 49 and Under Hole#12-Josh Leihngang
Mens Long Drive Age 50 and Over Hole#5- Dave Connell

All Players Longest Putt Hole#9- Jared Peterson

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