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2011 Stogies & Steaks Golf Tournament Event Wrap Up

2011 Stogies & Steaks Golf Tournament Event Wrap Up

October 11, 2011

From all of us at the John Hunter Foundation, we would like to extend a big thank you to all involved with making our event a huge success! We appreciate our sponsors more than we can express with words. The weather for the first Annual Stogies and Steaks couldn’t have been better if we had ordered it! It was a beautiful day and the food, cigars and friendship we felt on this day was beyond anything we could have hoped for!

We had sponsors who came out for the event as far as New York (Joe Anderson Sr. and Jr. from Smokin Joes) and from North Carolina (Dean Rouse from M&R Holdings). We also had Kevin Spaan from Villiger and Sam Phillips from Alec Bradley.

The donations for the silent auction were fantastic and the cigars were a plenty as we had two locations on the green that you could stop and get your complimentary cigars. Hole number 5 was manned by Patrick Dewitt from General Cigar and hole number 8—our $25,000 hole in one sponsored by Dunbar Jewelers—was manned by the Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack staff and included cigars from Alec Bradley, Altadis, Perdomo, Rocky Patel, Torano, Villiger, Drew Estate, JC Newman. The golfers were ecstatic about the cigars and had a good chuckle about the giant cigar (Cigar Cid) who was riding around the course in a golf cart making sure everyone was having a good time.

Just to prove that our steaks in “Stogies and Steaks” were just as important as the cigars, all of the golfers and those attending the dinner were treated to 10oz Fillet Mignon cooked to perfection over an eight foot open flame grill. The word on the street is that they cut like butter! A big thanks to Dan Labbee from Labbeemint (if you have had a stick of gum lately the mint probably came from them), who not only sponsored the steaks, but insisted on this particular cut of meat. He has already committed for next year, so you can count on the best dinner ever once again. We also heard about how fresh the fruit and vegetables were. Manny from Imperial Gardens provided the huge array of everything in season and fresh, which made the lunch and dinner even that much more special. He and his son also golfed in the tournament that day as well as Dan Labbee, whose team won 1st place gross score.

Our Heroes for this event really are our sponsors—without them this event wouldn’t have been possible. A sincere thanks to M&R Holdings, General Cigar, Swisher International, Smokin Joes, Drew Estate, Team Construction, RSB Tobacco, Rouseco, Yakima Distributing Co., Zander-Greg, Republic Tobacco, Villiger, Gizeh, Altadis, Lee Peterson Motors, Swedish Match, Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack, Perdomo, Rocky Patel, and Coca Cola.

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