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This story starts in Harrah, WA, population 300. It is a town that time forgot. It supports farms in a large agricultural area and was known in its heyday as the Sugar Beet capital of the world (well, maybe not the world). Since then, the town has aged without many updates. It desperately needed a facelift and a huge act of faith.

In 2009 it got one. Judy Hunter, the owner of Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack, was inspired to build a modern educational facility for the Harrah Community Christian School (serving approximately 60 students in preschool through eighth grade), where her youngest daughter currently attends classes.

The previous school consisted of several small houses and an aging church. Under those conditions, the Harrah Community Christian School was forced to limit the number of students who could attend, as well as the type of physical activities in which those students could participate.

Judy and the John Hunter Foundation worked closely with the Yakama Nation Tribe and was granted permission to purchase reservation property to construct a 20,000-square-foot preschool through eighth grade educational facility, including a gymnasium.

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